Birthday Intentions…

Back in January I wrote a little bit about how I feel about New Year’s resolutions. Although I’m not a huge fan I do get why so many people gear up to make changes and improvements to their life at the beginning of the year. Recently, I was reading over on The Empowered Dollar and saw a new take on the New Year’s Resolution. I loved the idea of Birthday Intentions and decided to implement it in my own life. I just turned 18 and I don’t want this year to go by without setting goals and being purposeful about my accomplishments. Here are a few of the things I came up with:

birthday intentions

My 18th birthday pics. Courtesy of donna ham photography!


Are you like me? Hate to read? Reading has never been my thing. I like to read some fiction but I very rarely sit down and take the time to read much of anything. There are so many books out there that are good and I want (need) to read more. At night before bed is probably the best time for me to do this, when honestly, I’d rather be watching ‘The West Wing’ with my mom.  At first I thought that this meant giving up watching the show entirely, but giving up something you enjoy really isn’t the point of setting a birthday intention. It has to work for your real life. I decided to read every night on the weekdays and then on the weekends watch ‘The West Wing’. This way I get to accomplish one of my intentions and still find out how the white house staff and President Bartlett solve their next political predicament (you shouldn’t have lied about the MS Jed!). And yes, I am astonished that I like anything having to do with politics which apparently was my mom’s evil plan from the beginning.

birthday intentions

Remind me to never, ever, ever watch a movie before reading the book – huge mistake!


It is important to me to work on being creative in my life. It doesn’t come naturally so I have to work at it a bit. I have a scrapbook/journal that is called a SmashIt book. You can buy these at Joanne’s and other stores that sell crafty stuff. The binder comes with pretty scrapbook paper already in it and a marker that has a glue stick on the other end. The point of it is to just be able to “smash it” in and have a fun and cute way to keep memories. I’m not very good at keeping a journal so this is a way to remember special days, songs, quotes and other things that I like. When I’m old and I can look back through my scrapbooks and kinda remember what I was like when a was a teen.

birthday intentions

One of the pages I’m working on now in my SmashIt book…

SmashIt has been a great way for me to be able to do save my memories and be creative at the same time. I draw and zentangle on almost every page. Zentangle is a really fun art form that is perfect for those of us who are not necessarily gifted in art. ANYONE can do Zentangle even if you can’t draw at all. My friend Alice Hendon teaches classes and I got to attend one a while back. You can check out her site if you are interested in learning more!

birthday intentions

A few of my zentangle tiles…

This is something that is relaxing and frustrating to me at the same time. I like to do it but I’m not very good at it. That’s why I made it one of my intentions for the year. I want to make sure my scrapbook is something I work in every week so I can get better at drawing and have a creative outlet in my life without getting frustrated.


This is something I’ve just thought about this past week. I don’t know how to cook. Well, I take that back. I can cook a mean grilled cheese and sauté chicken, but that’s about it. I can’t even say if I’m bad at it or not because I just don’t cook that often. Having a family is something I hope for so cooking is kinda something I need to know how to do. I started off thinking that I would cook a new meal every week, but with school and all the other busyness that seems to consume my life that just wasn’t realistic. Most nights we’re not even home. It makes more sense to set an intention that will be doable in my life, so I decided to go for once a month. That doesn’t seem like much at first but it’s a whole lot better than nothing.


In January my mom and I joined a gym near our house.  The manager made a great point on our first visit. If you can’t spend an hour a day devoted to your health then what are you doing with your life? This really hit me. If I can’t spend just an hour a day for my health then I’m crazy. I know there will be some days that getting to the gym will be impossible. Honestly though I can do it most days especially since it’s only 5 minutes from my house. No excuses! I’m not climbing much anymore because of my school schedule so I am going to make this work.

In the long run ‘birthday intentions’ may not seem that much different from resolutions. Somehow though it feels different to me. I like the idea of being purposeful and seeing what I can accomplish in this next year of my life. If I can continue to develop creativity in my life, learn to cook, and focus on my health then I will call that a pretty good year!

What types of intentions do you have for your life? Any goals you want to reach before your next birthday? Let me know – I would love to hear about them!

be centsible,



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    eva, i’m stoked to see zentangle and creativity as one of your birthday intentions! you’ll never regret it – i promise! your tiles look pretty fantastic to me! and it’s very humbling to know that something i did made a difference in your life. love you, sweetie! <3

    now, go hug your mom for me :)
    alice recently posted…Trip to ParadiseMy Profile

    • says

      One thing I remember about your zentangle class is that you helped me relax and enjoy creating something even if I thought it had a lot of flaws in it. I am really grateful because without your class I would not even be willing to give things a try or be happy with what I am able to create. Truly a blessing in my life. Love you too!
      Eva recently posted…New Guest Post Over at Coupons Daily!My Profile

  2. says

    What a great idea, to make goals on your birthday. Happy birthday, by the way. If there is one area in which you and I differ, it’s reading! I can’t stop reading.. I read like it’s going out of style. I probably read 5 books per month. It’s my favorite hobby! Hopefully it’s addicting for you and as you start getting into it more, you’ll stick with it. IT’s a great, cheap hobby.

    Good luck on your other goals!

  3. says

    My friend was telling me about Zentangle a few months ago. I want to find out more about it..I’d love to go to a class or something that would be fun!

    That Smashit book looks similar to Wreck It Journals that someone had told me about it’s on my list. A few years ago I had made a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30. I have 2 years to finish!! AHHH!!! I’m about 1/3 done…I also have some friends that do a 101 things to do in 1001 days which is pretty cool.

    I’m totally with you I’d much rather watch TV, a movie, or read blogs than a book.
    Beth Anne recently posted…7 Quick Takes {Volume 105}My Profile


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