Contests For High School Students … Why Bother?

contests for high school studentsRecently, I entered an essay contest, the Florida Students $ave Essay Contest sponsored by “The Department of Financial Services, which CFO Atwater oversees, in partnership with Florida Master Money Mentors, The James Madison Institute, and the Florida Council on Economic Education. The contest is part of CFO Atwater’s Your Money Matter$ financial education initiative that aims to help all Floridians strengthen their financial knowledge”.  I just heard the good news that I won third place in my region and a $50 prize!  This has really gotten me thinking about contests and such as a way to help with college expenses.

Researching about all of the contests out there is a pretty scary thing to do!  There are so many, but it can really be worth your time.  Here are a few I found in a quick google search “speech contests for high school students”:

contests for high school students

American Legion

The national winner receives prize money of $18,000.00!  State winners are given $1,500.00.  That kind of money can put a serious dent into college expenses!

Veterans of Foreign Wars

The VFW sponsors several contests each year. One is a speech contest called “Voice of Democracy” and another is called “Patriots Pen” which is an essay contest. The National Champion in the “Voice of Democracy” contest can win over $30,000 in scholarship money!

The American Legion

The American Legion also sponsors an annual speech contest. State winners can earn over $2,000 and National champions almost $20,000!

Maybe public speaking isn’t your thing – but you can almost certainly find some sort of contest that you can participate in and possibly earn some college money!

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