And Then I Got Lazy – Paparazzi Update

I just realized that I haven’t posted a Paparazzi Update since November!  The time just got away from me! I spent most of my Christmas break watching Netflix (I am not ashamed) and then a good part of January being sick just in time for school to start!

I had two incredibly successful months in November and December. It was a busy time for my Paparazzi business! Not only did I have a large number of shows but my average sales went through the roof because people were purchasing gifts. Paparazzi jewelry is so affordable it allows most people to purchase something for all the ladies on their list. Of course, they usually pick up one or two items for themselves while they are doing their shopping!


Ummm. I might have spent some time with my cat taking selfies…

It was wonderful to be making such good money and even better to have some extra money to purchase Christmas gifts for the people on my list. I did take some of what I made to go towards college, a car, and retirement and that felt great. I also did a fair amount of Christmas shopping. Some new clothes may have found their way into my closet as well. The rest of my earnings went into my Paparazzi account so that I could purchase new inventory.

Did I mention that I was sick for most of January? While that is true something else happened as well. I got a little lazy. And by lazy I mean that I did nothing, ZERO work, towards my business. And it was fine. I was sick, did the bare minimum in school to keep up my grades, and spent a lot of time with my new boyfriend. His name is Netflix. And this system worked for me. Right up until I checked my checking account balance near the end of January.

I had twenty dollars to my name.

I may have whined a bit to my mom and she may have given me a look that only my mom can give. You know the look right? The look that says, “Your whining is quite annoying and you are only getting what you deserve because the times I asked you if you had any shows booked for January you couldn’t be bothered to get off Netflix and now you only have twenty bucks and I am not giving you a dime but I love you very much.” And yes, all of this was imparted in a look and took less than a second.


He’s really old and grumpy but I love him!

Nothing like reality to get a girl moving on her business again. I assessed the balance in my Paparazzi account, placed a new order, and got on the phone. I have a couple of shows booked for February and have a basket party out right now. It’s amazing how business works. You definitely make more money if you actually work.

Because I had such great months in November and December I can report the following:

Retirement Envelope – $400

Car Envelope – $400

College Envelope – $400

And I was able to go ahead and put $200 back into my Emergency Fund. My goal is to have my emergency fund back up to $1,000 in the next 2 or 3 months. I was also able to put aside $100 for a special purchase that I want to make sometime later this year.


Back to work!

I guess I didn’t get 2014 off to the best business start ever, but here’s to making better choices and moving forward! And while it was a wonderful and fulfilling relationship, it was getting a little too serious. I’m breaking up with Netflix. I’ll let you know how it goes…

be centsible!



  1. says

    It’s tough when you lose motivation in your business and need to get it back.
    At the moment, I’m super-motivated, but I know by the end of the year it tends to taper off.

    Congrats on the use of the envelopes btw, love the fact that you’re already putting money away for your retirement. If I had done that at your age, I’d probably have retired a millionaire by now!
    Mr Ikonz recently posted…I’m now debt free! (and have no car)My Profile

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m back on track now but I know I will have to be on guard as the months go by. I do love the envelope system because it helps me stay on track – I don’t know that I’ll be a millionaire but I hope to be financially secure!
      Eva recently posted…Previously Seen on TeensGotCents…My Profile

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