Interview with Genesis Myers – Bookbinder Extraordinaire

Genesis Myers has a passion for the written word – a passion that she has turned into her very own business! Genesis offers hand made books on her website Bookbinder Extraordinaire. She is also an accomplished public speaker and Lincoln-Douglas debater. She has been bookbinding since the fall of 2013 and is already looking to expand what she offers!


One of the books Genesis has made…

Take a look at the video we recorded a couple of weeks ago and learn about how she got the idea, started her business, and why she did this rather than going out and getting a part time job. I think you will be inspired to start thinking about your own business and how you might earn extra money. It is hard work but very rewarding.


Open view…

If you are interested in ordering a book or simply supporting Genesis and her business you can find her:




Thanks so much for taking a look at the video – if you have a moment please take the time to leave a comment for Genesis, follow her on Facebook or Pinterest, and take a look at her website!

be centsible!



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