An Interview With Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents!

Jeff Rose is a financial blogger over at Good Financial Cents. I met Jeff at FinCon ’13 in St. Louis and he agreed to allow me to interview him. It’s taken me a while to get the interview up (hello, it took over 24 hours to upload the video to YouTube and no I am not kidding and I’m still trying to talk mom into getting real internet!) but I am so glad to share it with you now!

Good Financial Cents

Jeff has a fascinating story. In his book Soldier of Finance he shares how going into the Army and serving in Afghanistan changed his life for the better. He mentions that before the military he was a college drop out working as a data entry clerk at his moms company. Since that time he has gone on to get a finance degree, start a successful business, become an award winning blogger, write a book, and he has a beautiful family. The fact that he was a normal kid who struggled a bit as a teen is really encouraging to me. You don’t have to have it all together and be perfect in order to have an amazing life.

In the interview Jeff and I talk about how having goals and a system for revisiting those goals can impact the success you have in life. He has a specific plan that he shares and it’s something that almost anyone can use. We also talk about different ways to invest in yourself as a person in addition to traditional ‘investing’.

I also found out a little ‘insider’ info about Jeff and I immediately get to the heart of the matter right at the beginning of the interview. You won’t want to miss out on how Jeff made extra money when he was 19 or 20 years old. I’m SO jealous!

Jeff has also just kicked off an investing movement on his site, #investNOW! It’s a way to join others as they invest in the stock market, invest in personal development, or in small business/real estate. My mom and I have talked about investing in some rental houses in the past but have felt overwhelmed on how to get started, and there’s the ‘we don’t have any money’ issue. Maybe I need to be focusing on personal development anyway! Just click on the banner below and you can find out what it’s all about!

Good Financial Cents

Check it out!

Thanks so much to Jeff Rose for agreeing to the interview. It was a lot of fun!

be centsible!




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