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This is my second installment of “Life as a Techie”

Today, I want to touch on a topic I don’t think many teens think about seriously enough. Maybe they realize but just don’t think about the explosive popularity that technology has taken in the past  two decades. As someone who tries to keep up the ever emerging tech world it’s quite amazing to see how quickly it evolves and changes. As teens its all we know so it’s easy to take it all for granted.

These extremes create this crazy, glamorous (I use that lightly), and fast paced world we live. Just visit a place like New York, the epicenter of technology use. Consider Times Square. There are screens everywhere, the place is bright even in the day time and everything proclaims the latest and greatest in tech.

teens and technology

Times Square

Technology is a key piece in the development of America as a nation and I would say that it operates on the success of technology. Technology made countries like Japan, China, and America become powerhouses that build and design almost every single product that you use today.

The influence of technology on my generation is astounding, unlike any other generation mine has the ability to totally digitize its social and work lives. Everyone now can be found working on their smartphones, tablets, computers and anything else that runs on a battery. Technology has traveled from the TV and computer to almost every single aspect of our lives. Everything has become “smart”, watches, phones, fitness equipment. So of course this brings up the question, “What does technology give us in return that is so great and helpful?” Also, what’s the down side?

teens and technology

Companies like Microsoft and Apple have created a whole new lifestyle.

The Good

The world of tech has given us plenty of good and helpful devices. Some that can save lives with their use and others that simply help us improve our daily lives. Everyone knows what a smartphone is and a good majority of people own one.

Technology is used to help the old remember more and the youngest to learn faster. The internet and search engines like Google have created a whole new perspective on how we think and gather information. Tech has made the world smaller and allowed countries and nations to come closer. We build things with computers, robots, and design new things with them. Our modern world is immersed in the use of technology.

teens and technology

Phones have made the world mobile and smaller in a whole new way.


To realize how interconnected we are just think about how much is involved in the daily commute. Wake to an alarm, phone or clock, then watch the news on TV or immediately check Facebook…(we know who you are) then you get into your car. At the least it has a radio but could have all the bells and whistles. When you go to work you are surrounded by tons of tech there, Wi-Fi is everywhere, and of course you have that phone. No matter how much you try to avoid it technology is always around you and a part of your life whether you like it or not. This leads to the downside.

The Bad

Its time consuming and has in some ways turned into something that focuses more on self than others. Quite ironic since technology was founded on the belief that it could help us come closer together as a people. Things like Facebook are great but they have allowed us become a society that likes to hide behind the screen rather than trying to become traditional friends. It’s a distraction, sometimes a fatal one.  I can’t begin to count the stories of people who have died from texting and driving. Our world is becoming more and more an electronic world and with every new good there is always a negative. Thieves use it to steal, it can become an obsession, it can take over life and change who you are, and it can easily destroy relationships.

teens and technology

If the future is anything like this picture, its going to be crazy!

Technology is in your hands. What you do with it determines what kind of tool it becomes. I love technology and what it can help people do, but I like to see myself as Will Smith in I-Robot. (Envision an Asian Will Smith) I want to use it to help me learn and understand and do faster but it should never ever determine who I am as a human being. I see technology growing more and more into our daily lives (if you can imagine) and some of that is good but some of that is not. Only you and I can determine how that affects who we are.

Using technology to the best of our ability must also mean that we fight for our humanity. Be careful not to use tech as a substitute for real relationships or to create a perfect persona on your social media. Be real. Be careful. And enjoy your new smart phone!




  1. says

    Nice post, Mike! I was just thinking about this the other day. I was visiting friends down where I went to college and one of them had recently moved into a new house. I was driving a familiar path when my phone told me to take some unexpected turns and lo-and-behold, I found a shortcut that I had tried to find a dozen times in college and never got right. Yeah, Google Maps!

    On the flip side, there are times I nearly panic because my phone is about to die and I’m trying to use it to find some new place while I’m lost somewhere. It’s so easy to forget that for years there were no Smartphones and you would just stop at a gas station and ask directions. I bet that still works, but it totally freaked me out that I might have to do that. That might be a little too dependent on technology.
    Mel recently posted…A Day in the Life of an Off-Broadway Production ManagerMy Profile

    • Michael Horton says

      Thank you so much for reading! And I may be young but remember when the library was the only place I ever contacted the internet.

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