Teen Bedroom MakeOver Ideas from IKEA


My mom and I are moving from the house where I grew up. We are staying in the same city but moving much closer to my grandparents. This will also put me closer to the college campus where I hope to attend next year. We are also downsizing quite a bit so our oversized furniture [...]

Photo Editing With PicMonkey


Quite a while ago I wrote an article that outlined how to watermark your photos for free through a program that works with iPhoto. Well, earlier this year that free program stopped working. At least it stopped working for me. So I had to go on the hunt for a new way to watermark photos. [...]

Only One Hero – Go Pro!

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 4.41.05 PM

GoPro, one of the most popular and innovative camera companies in the world just released their new Hero 4 line of cameras. They are set to once again dominate the action camera market, or just cameras in general. Specially designed for surfing (when it first came out) the camera found a foothold in the market [...]

5 Best Smartphones!


Now that all of the new smartphones have been announced or released, for the most part, we can finally start to pre-rank them by initial statistics. Like usual this will be a top five list of what I think are this year’s best phone releases. To be honest all of these phones are early in [...]

Capsule Wardrobe For Teens


A few months ago my mom read an article about something called a ‘Capsule Wardrobe.’ We had never heard of anything like that so it was very interesting to us.   Basically, a capsule wardrobe is taking a small number of clothing items and making as many outfits with them as you can. Its a [...]

Top Tech For Teens


My generation is known for many things but one that stands out dramatically from the rest is our love for technology. It is easy to say that my generation has spent more money on electronic devices than any other. Now to be fair, this generation has more devices and technologies to choose from than any [...]

Volunteer Opportunities For Teens – Nursing Homes


There are so many volunteer opportunities out there for teens today. Mike has shared about his experience with Foster Closet and my best friend Abbi has shared about volunteering at Freedom Ride. Both of those organizations sound incredible! For over ten years now my family has volunteered once a month at a local nursing home. [...]