Texting, Driving, Thumb Socks and Do Something Scholarships!


I recently heard about DoSomething.org from my high school guidance counselor. She wrote about a scholarship they were offering so I decided to check it out. (She regularly publishes scholarship opportunities so you should take a look at her site!) At first I thought it was just something silly but quickly realized it was a [...]

An Interview With Darrah Brustein of ‘Money-Making Sunny’


Hi everyone! Today I have the opportunity to present Darrah Brustein the author of ‘Money-Making Sunny’. Darrah has a passion to help children understand how to manage their money and is furthering financial literacy through her book. Her own parents taught her about responsibility from a young age with chores and an allowance. As a [...]

Personal Finance Class for Teens!


Earlier this spring I was contacted by The Teen Health Project of the Northeast Healthy Start Coalition. They were planning upcoming classes for their Teen Leadership Council and wanted to talk to me about teaching one of the components – personal finance! I was so excited about the possibilities and the opportunity to speak with [...]