Can A Normal Teenager Afford A Personal Shopper?


Not too long ago a Facebook friend mentioned that one of her friends, Fitz Pullins, had just started as the official personal shopper for the St. John’s Town Center. As a type of ‘opening’ special Fitz was offering a complimentary consultation with new clients. I’m sorry? A chance to work with a personal shopper for […]

H&R BLOCK Budget Challenge


I just heard the most amazing news! Sean Lawrence, a Michigan high school senior, just won $120,000.00 in college scholarships through the H&R Block Budget Challenge! Can you believe it? And no, I did NOT make a mistake and add too many zero’s to the number! HE WON OVER A HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. (Sorry for […]

Advice On Going To College From UChic


Going to college is such an exciting time in life and something most of us look forward to for years. It also is filled with a lot of unknowns that can produce so much anxiety as you are getting ready to start college classes! Fortunately, Christie Garton has come up with a great solution to […]

How To Keep Your Room Clean


For years my mom has followed certain guidelines when it comes to organization. Whether it is a closet, a room, our garage, whatever, we follow the A, B, C, and D system of ranking items to be organized. Mom got this idea from an amazing woman named Lorie Marrero. She is the creator of The […]

StrengthsFinder Assessment


Have you heard of personality tests and career assessments and all those sorts of things? To be honest I really hadn’t heard much about them (or cared to be super honest) until recently. A family friend, Rhonda Boyle, is an expert on the StrengthsFinder Assessment and runs an amazing coaching/workshop business called Activate Your Strengths. […]

Kaiku Prepaid Card Review


Until recently I didn’t know what a prepaid card was. I know what a credit card is and I know what a debit card is and how they both work. A prepaid card? Not so much. That’s when I heard from the people at Kaiku. They helped me understand what a prepaid card is and […]

Is Student Loan Debt Worth It?


Not too long ago I asked Tim Caiello to guest post on TGC’s. He has a unique perspective on the question ‘Is Student Loan Debt Worth It’? He successfully avoided any and all student loans in his undergraduate years but is facing the reality of taking on some debt while he attends law school. I […]