Bartering Tips for Parents


One evening when I was in third or forth grade the doorbell rang when mom, dad and I were eating dinner. That in itself was a little strange. Most people came to the side door and knocked and the front door was rarely used. Of course when anyone came to the front door my dad […]

Already Ready for 2016…


2015 has been a rough year. And no, that isn’t a typo.  I didn’t mean to say 2014. 2014 was a year filled with a lot of changes which were difficult but overall was a pretty good year. 2015? Not so much. On January 5th my grandparents and Price, my brother, were in a serious […]

Happy New Year!


You have probably noticed that things have been a little quiet around here lately. I have been enjoying the holidays and taking a bit of a break, although I’ve still been working on math since I’m taking the SAT again soon! (gah, so nervous about that) I can’t believe that 2015 will be our third […]

Credit Union Job Opportunities


As I am learning more and more about the benefits of Credit Union membership and getting to know some of the people that work at 121 Financial Credit Union, it occurred to me that there might be job/career opportunities for teens at a Credit Union. Yes, I know. Most of us don’t grow up day dreaming […]

Facing Failure…Again


Many of you remember the story of my recent (and fairly massive) failure.  For those that don’t – let me do a brief recap: Dual enrollment in my junior year, terrible math score on the SAT this summer, community college won’t let me continue in dual enrollment even though I have a 4.0 in all […]

Should Teenagers Have a Credit Card?


This is a question I have been thinking about for some time now. I have also done a lot of reading to find out what other people think. Wow. It’s a huge issue out there and quite controversial. I have been amazed to read the things that people think about teens. How we are irresponsible […]

Teen Bedroom MakeOver Ideas from IKEA


My mom and I are moving from the house where I grew up. We are staying in the same city but moving much closer to my grandparents. This will also put me closer to the college campus where I hope to attend next year. We are also downsizing quite a bit so our oversized furniture […]